July 4, 2010


Ok I moved this blog too it is now here: Advertisements

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Shameless 3

July 4, 2010


My twitter stock picking machine is working overtime right now, and based on my super awesome calculations of twerrific awesomeness divided by the integer exponent i have come up with these people that you should buy: (e)STJ CRSHAT ZTATGE ETA e(21GUNS) NILS (e)KYLE MIKBRA VTECH (has no shares but be on the lookout) (e)GSCO (no feeds hooked […]

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New Dividends

July 3, 2010


So for the little bit I have been able to check it out ( yeah i am at work and half working  :P) The new dividends rule! Instead of having to dig up yucky stocks to make money, we can now actually invest in people we value and talk to again AND make dividends. Craziness! […]

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Shameless Squared

July 1, 2010


Stock picks of the day.. same deal as yesterday, heavy calculus involved here.. buy these super awesome people MIMI BLIND RHO OVI83 PIETER FEN FAULTY HIPPO dkmcm DDOG

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June 30, 2010


Ok, I don’t do picks, but everyone else is doing picks so whatever! I am going to tell you who to buy today. And you know what?? For no good reason other than they they rock! (and they tweeted me their tickers hahaha) e(SHADZ) e(STJ) e(GPOC) e(JRUN) e(DARING) e(AZILLA) e(ANIME) e(GENRE) e(COSTE) UMCORP SAMEXE dkmcm   (yeah […]

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June 29, 2010


Well we have been flooded with Social Media Junkies from Chile! Wooot!!! What does this mean right now for us? Lots and lots of dividends! With the crazy flow of new influencers coming in there are a lot of missed stocks coming in. This means dividends! Finding nice low ones at 10ish with only a few […]

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Empire Avenue Meetup

June 29, 2010


I have now attended 3 Edmonton meetups for Empire Avenue. While Edmonton is the base for a lot of this stuff and we seem to have them where other cities don’t, I think that more cities should start organizing them for themselves and doing this. Trust me, you don’t need Tom or Dups there :P. […]