Posted on June 29, 2010


Well we have been flooded with Social Media Junkies from Chile! Wooot!!!

What does this mean right now for us? Lots and lots of dividends!

With the crazy flow of new influencers coming in there are a lot of missed stocks coming in. This means dividends! Finding nice low ones at 10ish with only a few shares means you can get in with even a 10 share buy and make some sweet dividends. In the meantime, if they get found and get lots of buys your eaves increase anyway. Just make sure to watch them and find when to get out. You HAVE to flip stocks to make eaves. Yes I know people think it is mean, but it if you want to build your portfolio, you have to do it. The only way you can make money is to find a stock that you can own a little in, no one else finds, and they stay active. Good luck with that.

I don’t know any of the people coming in , so right now it is pure gambling. I have somehow caught a couple of the ones screaming up the board, but on the other hand I have missed a few too. Doesn’t matter, I am keeping an eye on my stocks to see who hits my sell number, selling and going off to buy more people at 10! Stagnant money isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Go play, make some eaves and have a good run! This is really how I built mine up! And reciprocal buys are happening all over, this is GREAT for your pocketbook.

And you know I have read a few of these blog posts and used the translate thing on them! Man there are some awesomely funny people out there! An easy way to gap the language barrier would be awesome. So far I have found this google page translate. You post your comment in English, then translate the page then repost in Spanish. Keep in mind it is google translate so we have no idea what we are actually telling them hahaha

Go flip some stocks, find some newbies (communities are a great way to find them) THEY follow the blog advice well.. lol they are doing everything right, they get on, the get hooked up they get active, join communities! it is amazing!! I want to see how this plays out..

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