Empire Avenue Meetup

Posted on June 29, 2010


I have now attended 3 Edmonton meetups for Empire Avenue. While Edmonton is the base for a lot of this stuff and we seem to have them where other cities don’t, I think that more cities should start organizing them for themselves and doing this. Trust me, you don’t need Tom or Dups there :P.

What has happened at each of these meetups is that I have got to meet some really interesting people and made real life connections, and got to see and talk to the people on the other end of those tweets and blogs. While Tom or Dups are sitting there doing their best to not give us any information, it is really the interactions with other users that gives the depth to the evening. Between geeking out about ipads and macs and other stuff I pretend to understand and care about, there is strategy talk and laughs and REAL human interactions. We learn about each other, make little friendships and find people outside our normal social circle to talk to.

We find out about each other’s interests and families, and house hippos, and bikes, and RVs and boy oh boy stuff you just didn’t know existed. Conversation seems to flow easily and we aren’t even drunk. Although one day that is a party I do want to see! Geeks gone wild! rawr! I have really met the nicest people at these things and sure some take more prodding to get out and play with us *cough* e(EGOANT)*cough*, but in the end I think it will be totally worthwhile to do.

Why not get on your city community and get a date and place together and just meet up for a beer? If it is anything like ours, I am sure it will be worth it. Even if you don’t have e(FAULTY) all hand gesturing and getting exited over the geekiest things, e(BACON) showing off his new gadget, e(KRYS) pretending he is all quiet and stuff, or me snorting and everyone taking awful pics to post on twitter! You might even find your own bag of unicorn poop for some poor sucker to taste!  It also seems to draw a few less active people out, and we finally notice them and get a few buys. Yeah there is a lot of insider trading going on there too 😛

oooh and did I mention I got a Tiara yesterday too! e(FAULTY ) rules!! hehe

My pictures from last night are here . I do need to find one of the pics of the Princess and the Bacon though 🙂