New Dividends

Posted on July 3, 2010


So for the little bit I have been able to check it out ( yeah i am at work and half working  :P) The new dividends rule! Instead of having to dig up yucky stocks to make money, we can now actually invest in people we value and talk to again AND make dividends. Craziness!

After spending the morning dumping the stocks I was using for dividends, I finally saw value in buying the share upgrade. I can now buy 400 shares in people,  and I am! I cleaned out the small stocks that weren’t moving in value and went and re-bought all the people I had to sell to buy my upgrades. The people I talk to, connect with, that influence me! My portfolio is sooo clean right now! I didn’t have enough money for all of them, but the few I have left I can pick up with my dividends.

I am also saving a couple hours a day not  having to weed through all my investments and seeing who is making money, left the site or just not getting it. I have the people who ‘get it’, who interact, and it feels good. It is all the people that broke my heart to sell a few weeks ago for the share upgrades. To be honest, I will literally bawl if I have to sell them again for the next upgrade!

As an added bonus, now that my portfolio is clean I can actually filter my headlines by portfolio, and  get relevant information, not just noise! I can actually watch for posts and blogs of the people I want to follow!

As nervous as I was about the dividend change, right now I am in heaven! wooot!!!

If you are looking for a post on how to buy.. not sure this is it, unless you want to do what I am doing and go invest in the people who are of REAL value to you! :O shocking concept lol

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