Information Overload

Posted on June 20, 2010


I am curious how other people are handling the huge amount of information they are getting from Empire Avenue. I admit I am probably the worst one on the site, I follow a lot of people, and do tend to follow a lot on twitter. I use my headline stream a lot and like seeing who is buying and blogging and tweeting. It lets me go find people to buy and investments to up. Plus I see a lot of interesting blog posts come though my headlines that I probably would not have seen otherwise.

On the flip side of this there is an awful lot of noise going on in my stream as well. (not that it is bad, I am really noisy and don’t really have an issue with it.) However, it is making it a little hard to follow sometimes. The new ways to sort your headlines are great, I find blog posts much easier now. I think being able to “favourite” people would be great. Yes I want to follow people so they can write on my profile, and I can see what they are doing, but I would also like the option to add a few people to a list that is smaller and I have a better way to actually “follow” them. As Empire Ave gets bigger, there will be a lot more noise and being able to pull content important to you while watching content that you are interested in will become more difficult.

My poor twitter list got like this. I am not good at twitter, I really didn’t use it much before Empire Avenue. I only talked to a couple people on it. I don’t like tweet deck much, my twit bird on my iPod is nice, but I use the stupid web version all the time and when it gets too busy the noise takes over. I had to unfollow a bunch of people last week because I kept missing people talking to me in the crazy flood of information coming through. I feel bad about it, even though I can see them talking to me, it isn’t like I made them go away, I just had to slow down the flow. When you are following a bunch of people and you have both side of the conversation showing up in the stream it can get overwhelming fast. I am amazed more people haven’t unfollowed me. I talk a lot, and if you are following both sides of the conversation I am sure I am doing the same thing to your feed as well.

So where is the line between getting information, and getting overloaded? Any thoughts or tips on keeping it useful and not overwhelming?