Posted on June 18, 2010


We have had the communities for a little bit now. Do you guys find you are using them? I know I have joined a few, but other than one or two I am not finding that I go in there to check them  much. I am thinking they are too dislocated from the action on the headlines maybe? The threads to post in aren’t catching our attention? I know with them all nested it make it look like they are not active even if they are.

I would really like the community feature to drag me in there, to give  me something I want to go check out every day, and so far they aren’t. With search being hard right now on the system this would make a great time for newer people to go hit the smaller groups where they can stand out and connect with people and get those sales. The potential is there..

What are your thoughts so far on them? How are you using them? Are you using them to get sales? Or am I just missing something ..

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