Pooka Plunge Thank Yous!

Posted on June 16, 2010


Just wanted to update everyone who may have missed it, my stock price was 53.617 and the winning guess was by Kate E (e)KEE of 53.473. That is really close.

I just wanted to post and thank everyone who donated ad space and buys, For a small community I really think we did really well and you guys are great!

Aaron Ball (e)BALL – Donated Share Buys

Marina Dim (e)MIMI-Donated Share Buys

Alysn Ford (e)ALYSN-Donated share Buys

Josh (e)JOSH- Donated ad space for the promotion

Frankenstein McPug (e)FRANK- Donated ad space for the winner

Drew Dalby (e)DLB- Donated share buys

And umm me of course (e)POOKA- shares and ads

Is this all of us? Let me know if I missed you, It seems like a whole bunch of people stepped up all over! You guys rock and thank you sooo much!

I really think we need to keep doing this stuff!

I will have the all about Kate blog up soon! 🙂