Contest with The Morning Debacle!! Guess the Pooka Plunge!

Posted on June 11, 2010


So if you follow me on twitter I am sure you know I have been tuning into every morning to listen to The Morning Debacle with Drew Dalby (e)DLB. Any radio station that can interview Dups and play Tom Jones on the same day is totally win in my book!

So here is the deal for the first time since I joined Empire Avenue, I am going away for the weekend. No twitter, no Empire Ave, no blogs. I cannot be held responsible for what my Facebook friends do on my wall. They are a bunch of nuts. I love them :).

Since I have announced on my Facebook and my Twitter that I am off for the weekend, and I am sure all over my Empire Avenue profile if anyone reads my tweets there, people keep buying me instead of selling me, and my stock price is rising. I am also 1000 shares away from selling out again, and will not be able to buy an upgrade if it happens while I am gone. So while I should be dropping, I am rising! Anything can happen! O_O

This is where you come in. We are going to try and guess where my stock price will end up! It takes a couple days for the drop to cycle through. The market makers are all funny that way. So why not make it fun too!

We are running a contest in the Morning Debacle Community. Join the community. Leave your guess for what you think my stock price will be at 10:00 AM PST on Tuesday June 15th in the thread in the Discuss tab. The entires will close at 10 PM PST on Monday June 14th.   The person who is closest to my stock price at that time will win the following:

A full buy of stocks from me (300 if you are over a week old, 200 if you are under with the extra 100 bought on your 1 week anniversary)

All of my ad spots will run ads for you for the week (I have 2 ads spots available)

A write up on my blog about YOU

An ad spot from(e)FRANK

If anyone else would like to sponsor the contest leave a comment and let us know! (I won’t be here, sending DLB an inbox would be good too) (e)JOSH will be running ads to promote our contest too!! wooot JOSH!

I really really need to go pack and stuff .. So I am posting this now, lol anyone else I have talked to please feel free to leave a reply in the comments and have a good weekend!! I am only like 1/8th here for the next three hours!