more dividend talk lol

Posted on June 10, 2010


OK this is a reply to the comments in this post.
ok i think we keep getting confused between OUR earnings for what we did and what we are making off of OTHER people.
I do well, and mine is in the 240 range a day according to the email I get. I looked up my very first one and it was like 140. So realistically it is a number that gets people to buy you, but it isnt making you rich. This is what i get in my notification email just to be clear! (zomg i am tuning into tom!)

When I am dividend hunting I am looking for stocks that do not have many investors so i can cash in on as much of that number as I can. I like 50-200.. 90 is average I would guess. I am making money off of that stock even though it isn’t rising.  This is the cash influx you get in the morning. Back a couple weeks ago 4000 was a great day, now 8-10,000 is awersome. Since then I have sold a lot of stocks, flipped stocks and generally try to keep my money moving. I have stocks that I like and I leave alone, but I have to keep a certain amount of my portfolio moving to keep it growing.

I am dividing that money up between stocks that havent caught on yet and are giving me dividends (the people NOT reading the blog, who have activity, but are not putting up a pic, who havent updated their profile, are not getting their face out there).  People aren’t investing because they are not finding them and that means big dividends for me. On the other hand, maybe a light bulb will go off and they will tweak it that little bit and their stock will take off.

What I am spending the rest of my moving money on is people who do get it. They don’t have to be running for number one, I have usually sold them by then anyway, unless they are someone who is connecting with me. Realistically most stocks are going to end up in the 16-20 range. Once you get there, I have to get my money out to keep making money. Plateauing is fine. You will still have investors and sales, and you will spend less time here, your stock will just reflect what you do. Also, you will tend to cycle with the weekends, and get sales from that, because people watching your stock will see when to buy in and make some money when you go back up.  I actually usually keep a few stocks in you but take the majority out to keep making money. This helps me keep an eye on cycles too. I do spend a lot of time in my protfolio checking how stocks do over time and whether their activity has gone up, stopped or plateaued. and I adjust my investments accordingly. I would love to see more that i go back and buy the extra 150 in.

So it is a balancing act between hitting rising stocks and finding dividend stocks for fun money. Getting yourself some sales will bring in some more money to play with too.

As for that earning leaderboard. To be honest I cant make heads or tails of what it is counting, I dont even try to. It hurts my brain. But it is really cool to be on it LOL

(I am by no means and expert here. i am muddling my way around like you guys are, I just really want a place where we can share ideas and strategies and the basics so it isn’t as overwhelming) Without discussion we get stuck in our own heads and don’t get as far as we do when we throw everything out there and jumble it up 🙂