Picking a ticker!!

Posted on June 9, 2010


Well we have some conversation going on in the comments here . Lets discuss!

Are you using tickers to navigate the site? Did you know you could?

Are you remembering the tickers of your friends in here? If so why?

Are there tickers that just don’t stick for you!

Do you buy people whose tickers offend you or you think are inappropriate?

or did you just not put any thought in it lol

Also as an aside.. JOSH put up a tip the other day, I think is super helpful since we are adding each other all over twitter. I have a huge influx of spam people adding me since I joined and actually talk on twitter now. Putting your ticker into your description on twitter is an easy way for us to know to who you are or if we should follow back. Plus if you forget to use it in and #empireave tweet we can still go look you up easily.

Well do the 5 of you reading this wanna discuss? lol

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