Cashing in on dividends!

Posted on June 8, 2010


Ok people This is going to be short and sweet. My house is screaming clean me. Even though I keep yelling no!

New and have very little eaves? This is the trick buried in the comments in Josh’s blog. I kick his butt on this a lot ūüôā

There has been a HUGE influx of new people. ¬†We are back to the days when we were all poor and couldn’t newbie bump. Dividends are your friend. Are you buying into all those new stocks that everyone else is? Or are you digging a little deeper and looking for some nice dividend stocks?

I have never been much of a follower of the everyone buy a¬†certain¬†stock. It just really isn’t my style. I would rather go search out people and look for the ones I want. You connect better and get better buy backs and network better. Artifially inflating stocks because everyone buys in bulk is a good strategy, it just isn’t mine.

What happens when I am wandering around looking for stocks? I find gems. Sweet sweet gems. See everyone is watching that newbie row. But they aren’t going back and looking for the ones that came before them. This is a huge limbo land where stocks are hard to find. There people are not on the row anymore, and they aren’t on the leaderboards, and they have¬†usually¬†run out of cash to buy people to get noticed.

I go through these one by one. I look for blogs to endorse, people who look interesting, people who have enough stuff hooked up to make me good money. and people who pretty much no one has invested in¬†because¬†they probably fell off the board too fast! Should i be telling you this? Probably not, because it screws up my plan a bit. See the more people who buy those little lost stocks, the less dividends I get. There aren’t a whole lot of you reading this, so I will share my gem with you hehehe.

How the earnings and dividends works, i still don’t quite get, and I don’t much care. BUT I do know that the fewer people who invest in someone the higher your percentage owned it, and the bigger cut you get of what they make. So¬†digging¬†through this list, and I find stocks at like 10.1 or 10.5, not a whole lot of shares sold, but they have a twitter! they tweet a little, they have a facebook, they¬†actually¬†post¬†status¬†updates! These people have activity. activity means dividends. No one is investing! My little bit of money 10-50 shares gets me a good percentage of their dividends which means tomorrow I am getting some money! This also means they are gonna go up, or not. I found some today that dropped under 9 but were giving me 100 eaves in dividends cus no one had em! That 100¬†eaves¬†in dividends is more money than I would have made if they had gone up anyway! I am not selling. OTHER people are¬†selling¬†and that makes my percentage higher! weeee

If you havent read this in any of my other posts what you are going to do is click the person on the bottom of the newbie board on the home tab, and suntract one from the number at the end of the URL. This will take you to the person who joined before them. and so on and so on. Watch out for the people who have hooked nothing up. They aren’t making you any moreny. And there are a lot of them. A lot of them with a lot of sales for reasons I can’t understand.

Go invest, play smart, and make some eaves!! And make sure to endorse those blogs as you go! That is money waiting to be put into your pocket!!!

and I am not proof reading this cus my house said so ūüėõ