My Stock Price is Stuck!

Posted on June 1, 2010


So, I have had three people ask me this in the last couple days, and I see it happening all over. I am going to touch on a couple of easy things you can do to get your stock price moving. I may be wrong on all of this. I have no more information on market makers than any of you do. I just watch mine and see what moves it, and what makes me want to buy someone.

A moving stock price makes you more desirable and investors who go look at your Empire Avenue profile are going to be more likely to invest in you.

1. PROFILE PICTURE! hehe That bald guy is not doing you any favours. You really need to have a picture up there for a couple reasons. The bald guy makes you look inactive. Second, you do not stand out. We remember pictures more than anything you say, and your picture is what catches our eye. Don’t be that bald guy, unless you are a bald guy, and then we want to see your bald spot in all its glory!

2. Make sure your shout out is new. When I go to your profile and it is 2 months old, it doesn’t look like you care very much. It can just say hi. I don’t remember what it said yesterday. Post the same thing if you want. Just post  it every couple of days.

3. Start putting status updates on Facebook. We see that come through your feed. We see that people commented and liked it. This is one thing I actually did change for Empire Avenue. I NEVER used to post status updates. I don’t read them. I don’t care what you are doing. I am commenting on your game posts. However, it seems I am abnormal. (shocking) Since I started posting status updates, especially if they are funny or dirty, I have comments all over the place. There are conversations taking place all over my wall. Conversations=stock jumps. Conversations about Empire Avenue mean people go “Hey what is that? Send me an invite”.

4. Invite those friends to Empire Avenue. Those people buy you! When people buy you, you start showing up in the feeds. When people are showing up in the feeds, other people watching the feeds go “hey why is THAT guy being bought? They aren’t on newbie row!” They then go see if THEY should buy you too. (I do it all the time)

5. Get on twitter. Yeah lots of people are signing up for twitter, but they aren’t using it. If you haven’t been using it, it is really easy to get twitter to make your stock jump. It doesn’t take much activity for Empire Ave to seem to notice. (check out my twitter tips topic for hints on that). Start following a couple people you like and have a conversation. It only has to be a few tweets. Once you start talking and getting in on the conversation, twitter gets easier, and you aren’t talking to yourself anymore.

6. While you are on twitter, lots of cool stuff starts coming through your feed. I retweet what interests me. Not everything gets retweeted. You don’t want to be THAT GUY. You want to be the person who passes on stuff that their followers would like. While you are reading the articles, etc when you find something you think your facebook friends would like, post it! They comment and like it and conversation starts.

7. Post ads! We more than likely haven’t see you yet. If I see an ad from someone I have never noticed before, I click it and check it out. If I notice an ad from someone who is at 11 or under, I go buy. That signals to me that you are trying to get your stock on track.

8. Thank people for buying you. It starts conversations, it puts your face on their profile, it is a free ad. An ad that says hey someone thought I was good enough to buy AND I am a nice person! Plus you have a great way to start conversation with those nice people that just bought you. This is how it all starts; a new friend can be made, someone to talk to on twitter, your value goes up and woot! You weren’t even trying!

8. Have conversations with people. This is the easiest thing in the world. We are all here putting ourselves out there, we want you to notice us, to say hi, to buy a couple stocks. Making friends is easy! If you buy someone they automatically like you a little! Real life isn’t like that! Spread the love and they will love you back.

Sound like a lot of stuff? It isn’t. It also takes no time at all. Profile pic you do once, status updates take seconds, ads take seconds, to show activity on twitter, you can do that on a coffee break! Will you be at the top of the leader board? No probably not, but you wont have a stock that is struggling to get back to 10 either. You should be in the 15-20 mark with enough people buying you that you can actually start making that portfolio build up! And who knows you might enjoy the conversations and the meeting people so much that you do climb up that leader board, just by being yourself!

That is my thought for the day 🙂

Thank you both for reading it!